Welcome to the 2024 TRF Topical Workshop!

Location and Date: Oakland, CA; October 7-9

TRF Topical Workshop on Hybrid and Heterogeneous Microsystems

Workshop Overview

This workshop will bring together researchers, engineers, and industry experts to exchange ideas and
strategies for future microsystems technologies based on hybrid and heterogeneous integration of
CMOS, MEMS, 2D semiconductors, silicon photonics, spintronics, and non-silicon semiconductors (e.g.
GaN, SiC, and others). Areas of interest include heterogeneous microsystems, materials and devices,
and packaging and hybrid integration technologies (e.g. exfoliation of 2D materials, layer transfer, wafer
bonding, and chip-to-wafer bonding). Attendees will be drawn from academia, industry, government
agencies and laboratories, and the start-up and venture investment communities. A unique aspect of this
workshop will be the inclusion of start-up founders and early-stage investors who will share their
perspectives on the challenges and opportunities for microsystems technologies and the potential impact
of the CHIPS Act on the field. Following the workshop, the organizers and key stakeholders will prepare a
high-quality technical report/white paper that can serve as an authoritative document for government,
industry leaders ,and policymakers to identify critical funding needs.

Abstract deadline Aug 7!

Submit your 1-page abstract for an oral or poster presentation to share your work. The workshop will not provide any printed proceedings, so feel free to share results that you would rather not have distributed electronically or in print. 

Panel sessions will encourage participants to brainstorm and explore new ideas to
link different disciplines and technologies, and to identify critical gaps where funding for research is
needed to enable microsystems solutions in priority areas.

•Hybrid and heterogeneous integration of CMOS with other technologies

•MEMS, Silicon photonics, wide bandgap materials, and 2D semiconductors

•Packaging and hybrid integration technologies


•Manufacturing and commercialization

Keynote Speakers

Dan Armbrust

Semiconductor Executive, Co-founder, Board Director, & initial COE of Silicon Catalyst

Dana Weinstein

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University

Senior Research Fellow, Krach Insititute of Tech Diplomacy at Purdue

Principal Assistant Director & Special Advisor for CHIPS R&D, Industrial Innovation, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Tsu-Jae King Liu

Dean, College of Engineering, UC Berkeley

Dean and Roy W. Carlson Professor of Engineering, College of Engineering
Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences


Venue: Oakland Campus, Northeastern University

Address: 5000 MacArthur Boulevard, Oakland, California

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